The message behind the song – The idea for ‘Road to Floyd’ came to me while traveling from Mexico City to a little town called Floyd in Virginia. After already quite a long journey to get to Washington, my wife and I hired a car and drove around 5 hours to get there. The journey seemed very long and although the scenery was beautiful, we started to get quite bored and have that all too common discussion “I can’t wait to get there”. 
In order to change things up we started to make real efforts to make the journey more fun, chatting about our life and plans, playing games and listening to music… We particularly enjoyed listening to the local radio stations. Once we changed our outlook, even though we were tired, we started to have a lot of fun and came to the conclusion that we were so desperate to get to the end of our drive that we forgot to enjoy the journey along the way. It was around this time that I got the ‘seed’ for the start of the song.    
On reflection this is something I see a lot in life. I hear very often things like ‘I can’t wait to go on holiday’, ‘It will all be better once I get that promotion I’m due at work’, etc, etc. So often (and I want to be clear that I am also guilty of this) we are so focused on the goal that we forget to enjoy the journey and appreciate the little things that make life so special along the way.
Enjoy the journey,


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