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Guitar Lessons


From beginners to advanced, all levels are welcome…

even if you have never touched a guitar before in your life…


David MacGregor's Studio

Enjoy exclusive lessons in person at David’s recording studio (2517 RB, Zuid Holland) or at your home if you happen to live in The Hague (Den Haag), Netherlands. If you are constantly traveling, but you want to keep up your lessons, you will always have the option to take them online, so David can keep coaching you wherever you are. 



David MacGregor

No matter where you are in the world, take personalised lessons with David via skype, facetime, google hangouts or zoom. Wether you live in a remote location, travel a lot or just have a very busy schedule, this option is perfect for anyone looking for an alternative way to take guitar lessons of an excellent quality. 



Guitar Basics

Take the opportunity to learn the best habits and techniques in the guitar from an experienced professional. In this “Guitar Basics” course you will learn to play your first song by streaming the content at your own pace and watching it as many times as you want. Click here for further information on cost and content.


David’s lessons are tailored to your needs whether you are a complete beginner or you have played for many years.

His personalised and relaxed approach allows you to learn at your own pace in a fun environment with no classroom pressures. David teaches you using the music you like the most while learning the best techniques and habits to achieve a professional sound. Either you are looking  for regular lessons or a one time consultancy, the options above are a perfect opportunity to learn from an experienced professional.  

Master Class Information

1. Understanding the Music Industry

I studied music, so now what? How do I make a living?  How do I build my career? Have you heard that before?

Take advantage of David’s valuable inside knowledge on how to build a successful career in an industry that most people feel it is impossible to succeed in.

2. Learn solo ‘Finger-Style’ jazz guitar

Take an in-depth look on the best practices and technique to play solo ‘Finger-Style’ Jazz guitar like a professional.

3. The art of composing and improvising

Get advise on how to write your own music and learn how to build your knowledge of the language of improvisation.

4. Improvising life

Do you fell that life is not going as planned?

This is an inspiring talk in which David compares music improvisation to life improvisation and encourages you to achieve your goals in life no mater how hard it might seem…

What is the difference between a conference, a master class and a workshop?

  • Conference – Corporate environment in which David will be the main speaker
  • Master class – David presents the subject, but also interacts with the audience all the way through.
  • Workshop – Bring your guitar and lets put our hands to work!


About David

Since 2004, David has worked as a professional touring concert guitarist, composer, recording artist and music educator. He knows that every event is going to be different and therefore offers completely customised Master Classes, Guitar Workshops and Corporate Conferences to meet the needs and interests of your customers, students, employees or audience; sometimes it is just as simple as a short performance followed by questions. Below, you will find a few examples of the master classes and conferences that David has been invited to present for music conservatoires, music schools and even marketing companies. What ever your needs may be, David will be happy to put together an inspiring, interesting and informative presentation for you.



Booking & Management

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: music@davidmacgregormusic.com




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